Adaptor Bars or Top Bars are used to adapt all bike frames to a Bike Carrier. One end of the bar attaches to the seat post of the bike, and extends across to the handlebar headset, creating a level bar to fit to a bike carrier. Used in situations where the frame of the bike is an unusual/awkward shape preventing it from sitting level or even fitting on the bike carrier; or if the bike frame is too thick to fit into the bike carrier. Adaptor Bars allow you to carry virtually any bike on your bike carrier!

The unique range of MAC-RAC Adaptor Bars below covers all types of bikes from small kids bikes to larger mountain bikes.

MAC-RAC Medium Adaptor Bar

To fit all standard bike frames (extension 630mm)


MAC-RAC Mountain Bike Adaptor Bar

Specially designed to fit thicker and longer mountain bike frames up to 40mm diameter (extension 700mm)


MAC-RAC Junior Adaptor Bar

Specially designed to fit children’s bikes with smaller frames (extension 480mm).