MR3D-profile-frontThe MAC-RAC Deluxe is a versatile 2 bike carrier designed to transport your bikes safely and securely and tow your trailer/caravan simultaneously using your existing towbar.

The MAC-RAC is one ofAustralia’s original bicycle carriers and has been leading the way in quality and design for over 25 years. Fully Australian made, MAC-RAC are the most reliable and sort after bicycle carriers available.

There are many safety concerns to take into account when carrying bicycles and hence you need to make sure you have a reliable bicycle carrier. The MAC-RAC is one of the strongest and most secure bicycle carriers on the market and its unique design is flexible to allow for controlled ‘bounce’ in the rack, and also strong in the base plate where most of the weight is taken. The unique release & folding system takes nothing away from the strength of the rack as with other bicycle carriers.


  • Attractive & Effective Design: The MAC-RAC has a stylish & attractive design whilst maintaining its strength and useability.
  • Designed for Towing: Carry bikes and tow a trailer/caravan simultaneously with the base plate offering a wide turning circle.
  • Unique Quick Release Removal System: Easy removal of the rack without the use of any tools, leaving only the base plate on the car.
  • Unique Fold Down System: Fold the rack down to access the boot/hatch of the car without having to remove the rack off the car or even the bikes off the rack.
  • Protection: Durable new lining pads protect your bike frame from damage. Soft and thick material with channels to allow for the cables on the frame.
  • Lockable: The pin under the base plate can be drilled to make provision for a padlock to lock the entire rack to the car and the top plate also has holes for a padlock to lock the bikes to the rack.
  • Hidden Value: The presence of the MAC-RAC base plate on the car is useful as a rear nudge bar and also as a step to access the roof racks.


Type: Towbar mounted
Carrying Capacity: Up to 2 bikes
Load capacity: 45kg or 60kg with a Support Strap
Weight: 10kg approx.(inculding base plate)
Dimensions: 930mm (H) 430mm (W) 415mm (D)