MR4HMAC-RAC 4 Hitch mount carrier is brings the revolutionary new modular design together with the tried and tested square hitch towbar mounting to form one of the strongest
and most versatile carriers available.


An innovative new system which enables you to add/remove the 2 bike module to create an easy to use 2 bike carrier or a versatile 4 bike carrier. The modular design offers the following advantages over other standard carriers:

  • 2 OR 4: If you’re only taking one or two bikes, there’s no need to have a large obtrusive carrier, remove the module and you’ve got a small, easy to use 2 bike carrier. When you’re taking the kids or there’s 3 or 4 bikes to carry, fit the module and you’ve got a strong and versatile 4 bike carrier;
  • EASIER TO LOAD: To load 4 bikes, remove the 2 bike module, load the first 2 bikes on the carrier, slot the module back in and load the last 2 bikes. With the module removed there is much less distance to lift heavy bikes over and less chance of damaging your bike on the carrier, making the MR-4 much easier to load than a standard 4 bike carrier.


  • Hitch Mounting: Designed to fit the square hitch type towbar – the strongest type of towbar mounting. Available in 50mm or 40mm shank. There are 2 hole positions to suit different length towbars.
  • Protection: Durable new lining pads protect your bike frame from damage. Soft and thick material with channels to allow for the cables on the frame.
  • Lockable: The pin under the base plate has provision for a padlock to lock the entire rack to the car and the top plates also have holes for a padlock to lock the bikes to the rack. The module can also be locked to the rack with a small padlock through the button hole.
  • Choice: Available in zinc plated gold finish (as pictured) or a powdercoated black finish.


Type: Towbar mounted (Square hitch 40/50mm)
Carrying Capacity: Up to 4 bikes
Load capacity: 60kg (more depending on the towbar mounting)
Weight: 11kg approx.
Dimensions: 950mm (H) 120mm (W) 750mm (D)

Loading the Modular 4 Bike carrier:

MR4 2

1. Remove the module

MR4 1

2. Load first 2 bikes

MR4 3

3. Insert the module

MR4 4

4. Load last 2 bikes