Hints & Tips: Some helpful advice for carrying your bikes safely!

Towbar Saftey

  • Always check your towbar capacity before fitting your carrier, to make sure that it suits the carrying capacity of your bike carrier. We recommend that you check with your towbar fitter to be sure. The towbar should comply to Australian Standard (AS4177-2004).
  • Make sure that your towbar is completely level before fitting your carrier – do not fit if bent or not level – see your towbar fitter.
  • Your carrier should be fitted with suitable spanners to achieve maximum tension or by a professional towbar fitter.
  • Pay attention to the safety notes on your carrier.
  • Check with your State Road Authority for rules, regulations and standards. See the relevant documents below.

Tips for loading bikes

  • Do not overload the carrier – read the maximum weight for your carrier and make sure your bikes do not exceed this. Be careful when fitting 4 bike carriers particularly on small cars. We recommend using a MAC-RAC Support Strap when using a 4 bike carrier.
  • Check your load regularly when traveling long trips: whenever you stop, take a quick trip to your carrier and check that the load is still secure.
  • Always load heaviest bikes closest to the car and smaller/lighter bikes furthest from car.
  • Always load bikes as level as possible. Do not load bikes that are angled – we recommend using an adaptor bar to provide a level bar.
  • Load bikes evenly weighted across the carrier so that they balance.
  • Never load bikes upside down.
  • Always use an adaptor bar if the bike does not fit the carrier properly (ie. tube is too fat, irregular shape frame) do not load the bike if it will not fit securely to the carrier.
  • Load bikes in opposite direction – handle bars at opposite ends – for the best fit.
  • Always check the distance from the road to the tyres, making sure there is an adequate gap, considering tilting of the car up a hill/driveway.
  • Make sure that the bicycle tyres are clear of the exhaust pipe to prevent burning tyres.
  • We recommend using a MAC-RAC Stabilizer Bar between each bike and the carrier to provide more stability and extra security, otherwise we recommend strapping the bikes together with occy straps/rope to prevent excessive movement.

Other Important information

  • Always remove your carrier when not in use to prevent any incidents.
  • We recommend fitting a MAC-RAC Light, especially when traveling at night, as required by Main Roads law the number plate must be lit.
  • We recommend buying a bike rack number plate from Main Roads, as required by sates law the number plate must be visible at all times.


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